Our Focus Areas

We are currently working on a new Land Conservation Strategy that will expand and update our current single focus of the Milan Bottoms (down river from the confluence of the Mississippi River and the Rock River).

Our focus area is generally in the media circle of the Quad Cities of Illinois and Iowa. We have have relationships and projects in Rock Island, Mercer, Henry, and Knox Counties in Illinois and Scott and Muscatine Counties in Iowa.

A typical project involves a landowner or donor interested in making their conservation goals permanent.  Using tools described under Conservation Options, our staff works out the individual details to make sure that the land you love will be preserved for generations to come.

Map and criteria coming to this page soon, though one general reference that our staff will review in the initial stages of a conservation project (at least in Illinois) is the I-View tool created by the Prairie State Conservation Coalition. It has layers that include public and private protected/conservation lands in Illinois.

The following are some criteria that will generally raise the priority of RBWT to take on a land protection project:

  • Close proximity to existing protected land (forest preserve district, Wetland Reserve Program [WRP] land, private land with a conservation easement);
  • Property is included in or in close proximity to an Illinois (or Iowa) Natural Area Inventory (INAI) site (Illinois land can use the I-View tool to find this out);
  • Threatened or endangered species utilize the property;
  • Land is part of a large tract of contiguous timber;
  • Remnant prairie or wetlands present.