Steps to Donating an Easement

Initial contact

Interested landowners complete a landowner questionnaire to help the Land Trust learn more about the property and better understand a landowner’s goals and conservation objectives.


Site Visit

A Land Trust staff member visits the site—with the landowner and the landowner’s family whenever possible—to evaluate, document and photograph the property’s natural and scenic values.


Gather information

River Bend Wildland Trust obtains maps, title work and other information about the property and the surrounding area.

Land Trust staff and the landowner continue project discussions and identify funds needed to cover costs associated with the project, including the funding to cover the Land Trust’s responsibilities for monitoring and stewardship.

The landowner contacts an attorney and, if interested in potential tax benefits, arranges for the property to be appraised.


Draft conservation easement

The Land Trust staff attorney prepares a draft conservation easement for review by the landowner and the landowner’s attorney.


Secure approvals

Land Trust staff prepare a project summary to present the project for review to the Land Trust’s Conservation Committee. The Committee evaluates the project by examining the conservation values of the property, the public benefits provided by the project, threats to the property, transaction details, and financial considerations.

The River Bend Wildland Trust Board of Directors reviews and approves the project at its next regularly scheduled meeting.


Finalize and record documents

After additional review and discussion, final documents are prepared for signature and recording.


Complete project follow-up

In addition to completing the easement itself, Land Trust staff prepare a baseline property report documenting with text, photographs and maps the property’s history, natural features, vegetation, structures and improvements.

Land Trust staff also finalize stewardship funding, create a monitoring plan, and implement any publicity plans.


Defend easement forever

In partnership with the landowner and the community in which the property sits, the River Bend Wildland Trust begins its long-term commitment to protecting the land and preserving its conservation values into the future.