Why Protect Land?

Here are a few reasons why you might want to protect land:

  • To preserve what is unique about our landscape for all time.  Western Illinois is blessed with beautiful natural areas, rich productive soil, and deep historical roots. Much of our natural landscape has been altered by development and agriculture. 0.1% of our prairies remain and most of our marshes have been drained. Through careful planning and prudent protection, we can ensure that what is precious and unique in our community is never lost.
  • To support the economic health of our community. Productive family farms, stretches of pristine wilderness, and stunning scenic highways all contribute to a healthy local economy.
  • To protect the environment. Land that is conserved, not paved, contributes to cleaner air, cleaner water, and healthier soil. Nature does all these jobs “for free,” as long as it is allowed to run its course.
  • To take advantage of unique tax incentives. Protecting a piece of property can have significant federal, state, and local tax advantages for landowners and their families. In some instances, the income tax, property tax, and/or estate tax savings involved can make the difference between keeping a family farm or losing it forever.
  • To leave a gift for future generations to come.   A land protection agreement is more than just a legal document. It is a solemn promise to defend the land you cherish for all time.  When you protect your land, you can rest assured that when we say forever, we mean just that—forever.