Upcoming Events

All of events are listed here on our Facebook Events page. Non-Facebook users can also see the events. We are trying to simplify our social media and website maintenance to be more time efficient.


Milan Bottoms Spring Stewardship 

June 22, 2016. Planting prairie plants, Mulching trees, spreading gravel. Event details are on our facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/events/1734942420115531

There is still a 50% or so chance of rain for Wednesday morning. We may delay the start time. That determination will be made at 10:00 p.m. (June 21).
The likely scenario: Eric Anderson, our Executive Director, will be at Milan Bottoms at the scheduled start time (9:00 am). Rain will stop or slow at some point in the morning. IF THE OFFICIAL TIME GETS MOVED TO 1:00, BUT YOU ONLY HAVE THE MORNING OFF, COME ON OUT! Eric likes company. Overcast and slight drizzle is better than full sun at this time of the year.
As long as there is no lightning we will start planting plants when as soon as volunteers are present. This is the nature of nature.

Galesburg Tree Planting:

168 Bur Oak and Chestnut Trees will be Planted
When: Thursday, November 19, 2015

Location: 115 N. State Street, East Galesburg, IL

Directions: Take I-74 to the Main Street Galesburg exit. Go east about 1 mile. Look for the RBWT banner at the T-intersection

Need a lift? A carivan/car pool will depart from Black Hawk State Historic Site in Rock Island (parking lot west of Watch tower lodge) at 7:00 a.m
River Bend Wildland Trust is assisting a private landowner with implementation of their forest management plan. The ground will be damp from rain earlier in the week, but should be workable. Come out for the day or a few hours. Lunch will be provided. Pizza will be ordered at 11:30.

Text Eric at 309-644-1969 or reply to this event with questions.

Proceeds from this project go to support the mission of RBWT

Prescribed Fire at Prairie Rose Farms

  • When:  April 11th (weather date April 12th)
  • Location:  31501 113th Avenue West Illinois City, IL
  • Time:  9:00 AM (all day)
  • Led by: RBWT Stewards
  • RBWT is a your hands-on training organization and a great group to work alongside, feed your interest and join us this burn season!  With several units to burn in one burn day, you are sure to get a great jump on becoming a wildland firefighter.
  • Rx burns will be instructed by certified Illinois Prescribed Fire Managers,and RBWT provides safety gear for all volunteers.
  • We are happy to work with your schedules, crews will be accommodated upon availability, please contact Marilyn at ma.prairierose@gmail.com if you are interested.
  • No prior experience required.  
  • Join us for a great day on at the farm and remember lunches are generously provided.

Potential Prescribed fire Dates

  • When April 6th – mid April  – TBA
  • Black Hawk College Moline, IL.  2 acre woodland, weekdays 8 – 3 PM.
  • Stone’s Property 3-18 acres prairie/savanna
  • NW Davenport, IA  WUI, 3 acre short grass prairie
  • If you are interested and available to be notified within a 2 day notice of burn date, please contact Candace Marner at naturespulse@rbwt.org with your contacts, availability, and mention any black out dates if necessary.

Monarch Truffle Construction   

Before the native plant sale we will have another Monarch Truffle volunteer day to construct more truffles to sell as an addition to the vast array of native plant plugs.

  • When: TBA – April 2015
  • Location: US Fish & Wildlife Garage Moline, IL
  • Led by: Candace Marner
  • Members and public welcomed
  • Monarch Truffles are tiny powerhouses of combined elements, providing protection and nutrients to native seeds found within.  The native wildflowers are purposely chosen to nourish all life stages of the Monarch butterflies and other pollinators.
  • The name “Monarch Truffles” was termed by RBWT members Cecilia and Rich Vogel and has been kindly accepted by the public as a great and fun way to reestablish native wildflowers throughout the Quad City area.  So roll up your sleeves and help us give back to local pollinators!

Black Hawk College/ Green Valley Restoration Project, Invasive species removal

  • When: Saturday April 25th 8 – 1 PM
  • Where: Black Hawk College Moline, IL Campus
  • Meet: in front of Building 1
  •  River Bend Wildland Trust is assisting River Action and Black Hawk College on a restoration grant project.  This collaboration is working towards a common goal of restoring and maintaining healthier woodland and grassland areas that will naturally assist in reducing storm water runoff into the Rock River.
  • This volunteer day will consist of Invasive Species Removal event with the help of Augustana’s Upper Mississippi Center and Living Lands and Waters (LL&W).
  • Volunteers will cut invasive shrubs using loppers and handsaws. After cutting the shrub down, they will flag the location and other volunteers will remove the debris from the site.
  • All volunteers must wear long pants and closed toed shoes.

Spring Wildflower Walks

  • When: TBA
  • Location: Black Hawk State Park
  • Led by: Black Hawk/ RBWT members
  • 2014 RBWT coordinator: Opportunity available! Contact Candace Marner at naturespulse@rbwt.org
  • Audience: school classes
  • The RBWT will provide volunteer guides to lead wildflower walks & help organize
  • Coordinator recruits volunteers and communicates with Black Hawk organizer.

Trivia Night

  • When : April 25th
  • Location:  Knights of Columbus in Davenport, IA
  • Time:  Doors open at 6 PM; begins at 7 PM
  • Open to the public
  • Led by Stewards:  Deb Kutsunis and Ann Sullivan
  • Benefiting: 2015 BioBlitz at the QCCA Wetlands property in East Moline, IL., and local wildlife rehabilitators.
  • So round up your friends, form a team, and join us for a night of fun.  If you do not have enough people for a full team…come anyway and teams can be formed that night.  Only $10/person; $80/table.
  • Trivia with Mulligans, Round Doublers, Cash bar.
  • Fantastic raffle baskets and conservation-themed door prizes will also be given away.
  • Pre-registration is encouraged.  To register email: trivia@rbwt.org or Phone: Deb at 309/794-1798 or Ann at 309/794-9650.

Spring EcoCamp

  • When: April 30th & May 1st, 2015, 9:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
  • Location: Loud Thunder Forest Preserve
  • Led by: University of Illinois Extension
  • Partners: This day camp has activity stations provided by a 4 cooperating agencies, plus the extension office.
  • Audience: around 350 kids in grades 4-6 from Rock Island and Mercer Counties
  • “The program goal is to give students and teachers a basic understanding and knowledge of local soil and water conservation; native plant and animal communities; naturally occurring Northwestern Illinois ecosystems; and the important role natural resources play in our everyday lives.” Quoted from  Dispatch-Argus at http://qconline.com/archives/qco/display.php?id=635981#sthash.9zKauVo2.dpuf
  • Demonstrations, discussions, and hands-on activities include seeing live fish and turtles, hiking to wetlands, collecting and identifying aquatic organisms, exploring animal pelts, investigating soils and much more!
    RBWT will be presenting two stations; the Aquatic Invertebrate and Animals of the Wetlands. 

  • Helpers are needed to assist the experts, contact Marilyn at ma.prairierose@gmail.com

 Black Hawk Garlic Mustard Pull

  • When: May 9th   9:00-11:30 a.m.
  • Location: Black Hawk State Park in Rock Island
  • Meet: Singing Bird Center parking lot.
  • Wear long pants and work gloves are suggested.
  • Led by: RBWT Stewards
  • This is a great service project for your group or family.
  • Garlic Mustard was a European herb that has invaded midwestern wild lands by choking out native plants. Once established, Garlic Mustard provides a canopy and a toxin destroying all other ground cover which leads to erosion and reduced biodiversity.
  • Team leaders educate volunteers in Garlic Mustard identification and removal, direct volunteers to the appropriate location, and supervise pulling and collection of Garlic Mustard.
  • Logistics volunteers sign in all volunteers, transport equipment and food, help set up, grill hot dogs, and/or help ensure that things run smoothly.
  • All volunteers enjoy a hot dog lunch. Garlic Mustard optional 😉

 Native Plant Sale

  • When: May 9, 2014, from 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
  • Location: Black Hawk State Park maintenance yard
  • Led by: Lynn Abel and stewards
  • Each year, we sell native plants and Monarch Truffles to raise funds for our conservation and education activities.
  • Native plants also support local ecosystems and wildlife.
  • Coordinator takes native plant requests; orders plants by March 7th; recruits volunteers; ensures the sale is publicized; coordinates the sale; unlocks the yard; keeps records of plant inventory, cost, and sales; track the cash box and report to the treasurer; locks the yard; arranges for the sale of the remaining plants; ensures that remaining plants are watered regularly until they are sold.
  • Volunteers unload and water plants on delivery, place and tag plants for the sale, place signs, answer buyer questions about the plants, consult reference books when needed, help carry plants to cars, cashier and maintain records, tear down, and/or continue watering remaining plants until they are sold.
  • Veteran volunteers train new volunteers.

Volunteer Power Equipment Operator (VPEO) Training

  • When:  TBA  (May 2nd or 16th upon participant #’s)
  • Where:  Singing Bird Lodge Black Hawk State Historic Site.
  • Time: 1- 3 PM
  • Led by: Candace Marner – Forester
  • This course will cover safety aspects and uses of power tools that could be potentially used by our volunteers in restoration efforts.  Focus on the safety and become familiar with tool operations as well as the proper Personal Protective Equipment required in use. An in class instruction will be followed by hands-on training at Black Hawk State Park.
  • Training fee:  FREE to RBWT members; $25 for non-members (includes 2015 RBWT membership)
  • We are willing to train in operations that will keep you safe and aware during restoration events.  By learning how to use the proper tools for particular tasks we can get our stewardship on…SAFELY.
  • Tools utilized: chainsaws, clearing saw, leaf blower, etc.,
  • Age limit will have to be set – I am open to suggestions.
  • If you are interested please contact Candace Marner at naturespulse@rbwt.org at your earliest convenience.

 BioBlitz Inventory

  • When: Friday and Saturday, July 25-26, 2015
  • 2014 Location: Land donated to the QCCA; wetland near QC Downs, now to be used for educational purposes.
  • Led by: RBWT
  • 2015 RBWT coordinator: Opportunity available. Contact Marilyn Andress.
  • Partners: Quad City Conservation Alliance QCCA, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Augustana College.
  • Additional Support: National History Survey
  • Audience: Expert and citizen conservationists
  • BioBlitz accomplishes the scientific goal of identifying species at the selected site. In 2013, we inventoried 740 species at the Milan Bottoms.   Then, in 2014, we inventoried over 500 species at Black Hawk State Nature Preserve.  About 20 local nature photographers documented the collections and event.
  • Event Coordinator recruits and coordinates expert and citizen volunteers to inventory species
  • Volunteers like you will collect species and help get equipment, supplies, and people to the right places at the right times.

 —School Events—

RI High School Ecology Field Day

  • When: Thursday, May 14th from 8:30 – 2:30
  • Where:  Andress Prairie Rose Acres, in Illinois City, IL.
  • 2015 RBWT coordinator:  Marilyn Andress and stewards
  • Ecology Field Day for Rock Island High School’s Global Biology classes.   Over 100 students will be experiencing the great world around us through the eyes of experts from US Fish and Wildlife Service, Illinois IDNR, and of course RBWT members.
  • Hands on stations will be presenting ecology of natural landscapes in the Prairie, Wetland and Forest.
  • Hike the native IL ecosystems of prairie, forest, and wetlands. Participate in hands-on activities for each ecosystem. Indian mound, dutch oven cooking, hayrack ride, or donkey brushing stations may be available depending on volunteer availability.
  • Volunteers are needed to assist with this event, help set up stations, help haul equipment and supplies, and/or educate kids about natural and historical conservation, please contact Marilyn Andress if you are interested ma.prairierose@gmail.com.

Conservation Stations

  • Location: school grounds
  • Led by: RBWT
  • 2015 RBWT coordinator: Opportunity available!
  • Audience: kids in preschool-elementary classes
  • At this event, the RBWT stewards bring materials for and set up 6 stations, each designed to accommodate 20 kids. These stations are chosen to fit a theme. In the past, these stations have accommodated 500 kids in one school day.
  • Coordinator will arrange a time and location with the school, recruit volunteers, ensure volunteers have appropriate equipment and supplies, and train volunteers as needed
  • Volunteers will choose or develop a station, help set up stations, help haul equipment and supplies, and/or educate kids about natural and historical conservation

 Traveling Conservationists

  • Location: single classroom
  • Led by: RBWT
  • 2015 RBWT coordinator: Opportunity available!
  • Audience: students at any age
  • Coordinator will arrange a time and location with the school, recruit volunteers, ensure volunteers have appropriate equipment and supplies, and train volunteers as needed
  • Speakers travel individually to classrooms to present conservation-themed books and hands-on activities.